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Crabby !
Trip to Florida, June 2008

This site is a collection of images and videoclips I took in 2008 June during my trip to St.Joseph Peninsula, Florida. This time a plenty of crabs was my main impression.

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Hermit Crabs

And here is a videoclip how he moves...     

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Regular Crabs

Walking on the evening along the beach I was amazed with crowds of tiny crabs : they were so defenceless without any shelter... I think they were just born... I thought they are pebble until they started to move when I approached... The only thing they could do to protect themselves was to try to escape and, if it didn't help, to dig into the sand... But at the same time they were brave : if nothing else helped they prepared to fight shielding with a claw...

But it is much better to see these scenes as videoclips...


I wanted this bigger crab to be a "movie star" , but he didn't want... He was so serious...
Anyway, the videoclip worth to watch...

Here is this capricious guy to enlarge as a still image...

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Fun and Sights

Images of St.Joseph Peninsula

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Hiking around St.Joseph Peninsula I was caught in a thunderstorm...

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Natural Changes

The images of the same place of St.Joseph Peninsula taken in different time.
These changes are result of continuous work of the natural forces : winds, rains, tides... They make the Peninsula different every time you visit it; that's why the visiting of this place is never boring. Each time it surprises you with its new appearance...

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The Biggest Shell I Ever Found

Look at the size !!!
Can somebody brag that he or she ever found a bigger one ?..

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Have a nice day !