Terrapin Mimicry
Images taken at Harpers Ferry
on 2011 April 24th

Here is the images of a terrapin ( freshwater turtle ) I encountered in C&O Channel hiking at Harpers Ferry along the river.
Look : how perfectly its colors match the colors of the bottom of the channel !
I noticed it only because it was moving; but immediately after the terrapin realized that I saw it, the terrapin got under the weed and froze there. I would definitely miss it if it didn't move in the moment I saw it... It was very difficult to find a position for photographing because even the sky and trees reflected in the water helped it to hide...
What a perfect mimicry !

Besides the terrapin, there are also some pictures I took when hiking along the river.


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The Terrapin ( 9 pictures ) :

Harpers Ferry ( 9 pictures ) :

Thank you; and have a nice day !