«Raw Meat» or «Bloody Worm» Plant,
Assateague Island; 2007, September

    This is a very curious plant I encountered on Assateague Island recently traveling there. I have never seen this plant before; I have never ever heard or read about it before, even in the books, on TV, in films, or on the Internet. It is a kind of small bush, up to 20-30cm ( ~1 foot ) tall, growing on salt water meadows ( marshes ) at the inner side of the island which faces Sinepuxent Bay, not the open Atlantic ocean. The branches of this plant remind the pieces of raw meat or bloody worms. If you touch them, they seem empty inside. The only time the one can see them is September and October because during all other warm months this area is closed to the public for protection of threatened species.
     If you know what plant it is, please share with me.


«Raw Meat» or «Bloody Worm» Plant

Salt Water Meadows ( Marshes )

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