Beaver Encounter
Images and videos of a beaver I encountered at Harpers Ferry
on 2011 May 7th

Here is the images and videos of a beaver I encountered in Potomac river at Harpers Ferry, MD side.
I have never seen a wild beaver in the nature before, so it was my first encounter with a wild beaver in my life. It was not big : about 50-60 cm / 20-22 inches from nose to tail.
Well, I have seen it a few times before at this place but I was never sure that it was a beaver and admitted that it might me a kind of water rat or so, and never before I had a chance to take a picture. That's why I count this encounter as my first one...

Unfortunately, it happened in the quickly falling twilight and many pictures came out dark or blurred.

Besides the beaver, there is a picture of a heron in the end of the page. Blue Herons are very common in this area but I never saw it perching on a tree; usually they hunt for fish sitting close to the river : either at the river bank or on the stones among the river...


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Pictures :

Movies :

Heading to river...

heading to a branch to cut...

doing something with the branch, probably eating...


Thank you, and have a nice day !