Pink Moon
Images taken on Assateague Island
2009 October 4th


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    On Sunday 2009 October 4th I went to Assateague Island; it was my only visit to Assateague in 2009, so I both opened and closed the beach season the same day.
    Despite it was already too cold to swim in Frederick area ( ~22C/~70F day; ~10C/~50F night; ~16C/~60F water in Potomac river ), it turned warm and nice on Atlantic Ocean ( ~25C/~76F day; ~18C/~65F night; ~21C/~70F water ), abundant sunshine, very blue water, calm wind and surf... The ocean is still warm there in October and doesn't let the air temperature to drop in nights as low as in my hometown Frederick MD.
    As usual, I walked along the beach ~11km/~7miles from parking lot to Northern tip of Assateague and back. This time I encountered a group of wild horses as well as a brave lady who ventured to feed them. I took a movie of this feeding scene...
    The most amazing thing happened on my way back, when it was already getting dark. There was a Full Moon on that day; therefore, the Moon rose and the Sun set approximately at the same time. So, approaching my destination I had a chance to observe two beautiful sites simultaneously !
    The first site was on my right, over the bay separating mainland and island : I saw the Sun setting in clouds which reflected the light the way creating effect of "Triple Sun" ( it was like two additional Suns on the sides of real Sun ).
    The second site was on my left, over Atlantic Ocean : it was the Moon having a rich pink color rising over the water and sky colored deep blue !
    Well, several days later I realized that opening/closing a season the same day is not a good practice... That's why one week later on Sunday 2009 October 11th ( fortunately, the weather still allowed it ) I repeated Assateague trip, this time to close the season "indeed".
     Here is the link to my site of 2009 October 11th which is the real season closing...


Two Movies :

Movie ( "WMV" format, 46MB ) : A brave lady feeding the horses
Movie ( "WMV" format, 5MB ) : A mix of gulls and horses
Sand Wide

Pink Moon



View Of Ocean City

View Of Ocean City from the Northern Tip of Assateague Island

Thank you, and have a nice day !