Images taken on Assateague Island
2009 October 11th


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     After I opened and closed my Assateague Island beach season the same day on Sunday 2009 October 4th, I realized that it is not a good practice... That's why on Sunday 2009 October 11th ( fortunately, the weather still allowed it ) I made another Assateague trip, this time to close the season "indeed".
    It was sunny but quite windy and chilly, the air temperature was ~18C/~64F, but the water in the ocean was still ~22C/~72F, and while walking along the surf I observed an interesting effect : when a big wave was coming and breaking on the beach, I felt a warm blow...

     Here is the link to my previous site of 2009 October 4th ( "Pink Moon" ) which was supposed to be season opening/closing but now became just season opening... Real closing is this one.



A Movie :

Movie ( "WMV" format, 57MB ) : The drawbridge on MD Rd50 in operation



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