Panama City Beach is a small resort town located in the north-west part of Florida, just on the shore of Mexican Gulf. The five days trip I took there for the past holiday ( The Thanksgiving Day ) was a success even in spite of the lying of meteorologists who forecasted the summer weather as well as the nice water warm enough for swimming.
      Actually, the first day the weather matched the forecast well enough; but there is 18 hours driving from Frederick to Panama City ( about 1000 miles or about 1600 kilometers ); so that I left home around Wednesday noon and got to the hotel only on Thursday early morning. After such a trip the sleeping and resting took the most of the first day, and when I woke up it was already evening which brought such a strong and cold wind and shower that since that moment the temperature never rose higher than it stays in such season in Frederick ( i.e. about 10°С or 50°F ), and eventually on the last day of my stay I revealed all parked cars were covered with thin ice. The most shocking detail of that shower was that I clearly saw the white butterflies tossing under its floods and remaining alive with some unconceivable way. Unfortunately, I failed to make picture of them.
      Regardless of that, I was slightly consoled by the sea which failed to cool as fast as the air did. Actually, it allowed me to have a couple of swims despite of the gusts of the cold wind.
      But basically, everything was nice and pleasant despite of such freaks of the weather. The shore of Mexican Gulf in Panama City looks amazing in any season and weather: at least, nowhere in the World I had ever seen so many palms growing on the sand of such sugar white color.
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      I left Panama City on Sunday morning, and I was at home at 3:00AM Monday night.

      On the last day of my trip I was visiting Spencer.
      I have met his family, and really anjoyed the cooking, company, stories and his amazing house.
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