Konstantin Yakovlev and Alexandr Pashko present:

North Carolina Outer Banks MAY 2004

      On the Memorial Day Holidays May 29-31 we ( Konstantin Yakovlev and Alexander Pasko ) went to North Carolina Outer Bank.
      North Carolina Outer Bank is a chain of narrow islands ( banks ) stretching along North Carolina Coast. The islands are built from the sand, and the only vegetation there is the grass and the bush.
      It took us about nine hours of driving to get from Washington area to Ocracoke Island: the most Southern Island in the chain where to you can get with a car. The outer side of the banks is the open Atlantic ocean where the water is clean and the sand bottom is nice, but strong ocean winds may create severe conditions of hurricanes as well as strong waves and currents. The strong ocean wind blowing along the coast is the usual weather for the outer side of islands. Those winds made North Carolina a "First in Flight" state since the Outer Bank was the place were Wright Brothers flew their first controlled and powered airplane on 17th December 1903. The inner side of the banks is a system of very shallow and warm bays ( they call them -- I don't know why - "sounds" ), but the silty bottom makes swimming unpleasant there.
      These days the weather at Outer Bank was really crazy. The ocean and the air were very warm there ( the ocean about 22C/72F while the air about 30C/85F ), but at the same time it was cloudy, sometimes raining and strongest wind was blowing along the beach. "Surviving" in such weather conditions was a real fun !!! The greatest fun was our fighting the wind trying to settle a tent on the beach...
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