Florida: Tallahassee - Apalachicola - Mexico Beach - Panama City
Tallahassee St.George Island Time Zone Border
Moonset at Sunrise in Panama City Beach St.Andrew State Park No idea what is that...

  Part1 Tallahassee
  Part2 St.George Island
  Part3 Mexico Beach
  Part4 St.Andrew State Park
  Part5 Panama City Beach

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.
There I was really surprised with plenty of iron wrought balconies that I believed are specific for "French America" only ( New Orleans, Montreal, etc... ).
Unfortunately, it was raining all my stay there.

St.George Island
St.George Island is a national park located south of "hook" of "Florida gun".

Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach is a resort located on "Florida panhandle", west of "hook".

St.Andrew State Park
St.Andrew State Park is a natural park located in Panama City ( "Florida panhandle", west of "hook" ).

Panama City Beach
Panama City Beach is a resort located on "Florida panhandle", west of "hook".